Questionnaires are a way to gather information, feedback, and/or an electronic signature from end users when they complete a compliance item.  Depending upon your needs, questionnaires can have different purposes.  Examples of how you might use the questionnaire feature in Comply are provided below...

  • Professional Development Feedback Form - a questionnaire that teachers complete after attending an inservice training
  • School Safety Survey - a questionnaire that solicits employee feedback on school safety measures/procedures
  • Emergency Drill Report - a questionnaire that building principals fill out monthly which includes the results of emergency drills
  • Electronic Signature - a questionnaire that would ask end users to read a statement and provide an electronic signature (i.e., signing off on the district's acceptable use policy)

Creating a Questionnaire

  1. Select Questionnaire management from the menu on the left (see screen grab)
  2. Click the Add Questionnaire button
  3. Enter a name and description for the questionnaire
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions
  5. Save your questionaire frequently, preview as needed, and publish your questionnaire when you are ready to include it in compliance items

Important Notes

  • Questionnaires can include a variety of question types, including short answer, multiple choice, drop down, check box, and electronic signatures (see screen grab)
  • Questionnaires can be used and reused for different compliance items 
  • Questionnaires can be edited and updated as needed
  • Once built and published, questionnaires can be duplicated by other administrators and tweaked for other purposes
  • Once questionnaires have been completed by end users, a report can be downloaded (CSV Excel file) to view and aggreagate results
  • It is recommended that a questionnaire be created prior to the building of a compliance item for the questionnaire will be included