End users can be bulk uploaded to a compliance item using a CSV file.  Bulk uploading users is typically needed for items that have user timelines, that is when end users have different start and end dates (eg., clearance items). To bulk upload a list of users, follow the directions below...

  1. Locate and view the desired compliance item
  2. In the Roster section, click on the blue upload icon (see attached image)
  3. Click on the Choose File button and select the appropriate CSV file from your computer (see important info below regarding file format)
  4. Click the green Upload File / Add User button

Once added and if the compliance item has been published, end users will receive an email indicating that they have been assigned to the compliance item.


CSV File Format - as indicated on the Choose File pop-up tool, the file that is uploaded must be in a CSV file format.  The CSV file must contain three columns and no headers.  The first column should be end user emails addresses.  The second column should be start dates (leave blank if not applicable).  The third column should be due dates (leave blank if not applicable).  See attached example upload.