During the onboarding process, user accounts will be established and users will receive an email from Comply with their account login details.  Please note that there are two different emails depending upon whether an individual is a PA-ETEP user or not.  PA-ETEP and Comply share the same database, but the software applications and URLs are different.  If an individual uses both PA-ETEP and Comply, their username and passwords are the same.  Attached are examples of those emails.

Prior to onboarding your users, it is highly recommended that notify your staff about Comply.  Whether you send out an email or inform your staff during a faculty meeting/inservice, it may be beneficial to share a brief overview tutorial of Comply (see the link below).

Comply Overview for End Users Video Tutorial 

In addition to notifying your staff about Comply, you may want to assign users a practice compliance item that will further orient them to Comply and provide a hands-on experience. A ready to use template is available. Go to Templates --> Duplicate --> Customize as Needed --> and Start Using.  It's that Easy!

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