Comply allows your district to gather feedback using a Questionnaire. 

Questionnaires are a way to gather information, feedback, and/or an electronic signature from end users when they complete a compliance item.  Depending upon your needs, questionnaires can have different purposes.  Examples of how you might use the questionnaire feature in Comply are provided below...

  • Professional Development Feedback Form - a questionnaire that teachers complete after attending an inservice training
  • School Safety Survey - a questionnaire that solicits employee feedback on school safety measures/procedures
  • Field Trip Request -a questionnaire to be used when staff/students take any trip off campus for school purposes

  • Credit Approval Request - a questionnaire that asks for information pertaining to approval of credits
  • Emergency Drill Report - a questionnaire that building principals fill out monthly which includes the results of emergency drills
  • Electronic Signature - a questionnaire that would ask end users to read a statement and provide an electronic signature (i.e., signing off on the district's acceptable use policy)


Districts can gather all Questionnaire feedback from end users in one place called a  Questionnaire Usage Report. This allows districts to review all data in an Excel spreadsheet. 

To access a Questionnaire Usage Report, go to All Items --> search for and locate the compliance item --> View --> Actions --> Questionnaire Usage Report.

Next, click the green Download All Data button to pull all information.  An Excel spreadsheet will automatically generate which you can sort and filter for specific information that you included on the Questionnaire.