How do I use Comply?

Logging into Comply, you will be taken to your My Compliance page that lists any compliance items that have been assigned to you.  Each compliance item has a due date and details, including instructions on how to complete. 

Compliance items also have status colors: 

How do I know when a new item has been assigned to me?

When a compliance item is created and assigned to you, you will receive an email about the compliance item. Included in the email are the steps you need to take to complete the item and a hyperlink to the item within the Comply software.

When completing an item, you may be asked to upload evidence and/or complete a questionnaire.  Evidence could include a certificate of completion from some online training.  Evidence could be a PDF of a manually completed form. Questionnaires can range from being simple electronic signatures and acknowledgements to post in-service feedback surveys.

How does Comply connect with PA-ETEP?

Comply and PA-ETEP utilize the same database of information, but the actual websites have different URLs.  The good news is that your username and password are the same for both PA-ETEP and Comply.  Keep in mind that if you change your password in Comply, it will also change in PA-ETEP.