When your District creates a Comply account for you, you will receive an email notification titled, "Comply Notification- Account Details." In this email will include Comply account details such as the Comply URL, your username, and how to create your own secure password.

However, if you are also a PA-ETEP user, your Comply email notification email will look like this. 

Please note - Your Password for Comply is the same as your PA-ETEP password.

Forgot your Password?

No worries, you can easily reset this. From the Comply login page, click on "Forgot your password?" then enter your Comply registered email address and we will send you a link so that you can reset your password.

Once you have received the email from Comply Admin, titled "Comply Password Reset Request," click on the link to reset password and you will redirected to the Reset Password Page. 

Next, enter the following information to reset your password:

1. Username

2. Create NEW password (Must meet Password Requirements) 

3. Confirm password

4. Submit

How does Comply connect with PA-ETEP? 

Comply and PA-ETEP utilize the same database of information, but the actual websites have different URLs.  The good news is that your username and password are the same for both PA-ETEP and Comply.  Keep in mind that if you change your password in Comply, it will also change in PA-ETEP.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that Comply and PA-ETEP share the same database. Therefore, your new password will be used for Comply and PA-ETEP.