We are constantly listening to our clients and gathering feedback so that we can improve Comply.  Below is a list of the most recent enhancements.  Stay tuned for more this Summer and Fall! 

If you would like to refer to our Webinar, please click the link to access a recording of our newest enhancements - Comply Enhancement Webinar Recording

Enhancements for Administrative Users


Performance Enhancements

We have reconfigured specific pages to improve their performance.  It now takes less time to load All Items and My Supervision Items pages. 

Time Saving Enhancements

Now when you duplicate an item, more information is copied over.  For example, if you duplicate an Act 48 item the Person of Contact, Approval Stages, and Act 48 Details will copy over, saving you time.  Simply duplicate, review, edit as needed, and Publish.

Now when you are viewing an item from the All Items or My Supervision Items page, you can take more actions. You have the ability to View, Edit, Duplicate, and/or Archive. Please note that the button View has changed to "Actions" for added clarification.

Archive Items More Efficiently

Now you can Archive an item directly from the All Items or My Supervision Items list.

More Publishing Options

Now when you click Publish, you have more options.  You can build an item now and publish it in the future.  You can also elect to send out the welcome notification email to end users or not.

Providing Names for Resource Links

Now when you add resource links to your item, you have the option of naming the resource, allowing end users to easily identify which resource links they need to access.

Embed Hyperlinks within Instructions

When building an item, you can now include hyperlinks within your instructions.

Reminder Clarification

When you build an item, you are able to add reminders.  Reminders can be sent to the end user, supervisor, or both.  Please note that the word Supervisor has changed to Approver/Person of Contact for added clarification.

Bold Note Icons

When you add a Note, the icon will now turn bold, indicating that a Note has been added and saved.  Please know that only Administrative Users and Supervisors can view notes.  Basic Users or End Users cannot view notes or the icon.

Roster Actions Improved

From the Roster section, you can now filter the list of users by Due Date.  Please note that you can also sort the Roster by Priority, A-Z, Pending Users, Expired Cycles, etc.

Enhancements for End Users


Days Remaining More Pronounced

Now when an end user view’s their list of items (My Compliance Items page), the days remaining are more pronounced.  If an item expires, the days remaining turns red and indicates the number of days the item is past due.

Submit for Approval More Apparent

Now when an end user completes the requirements for an item (questionnaire and/or upload evidence), the system will prompt them to Submit for Approval.