More Publishing Options

Now when you click Publish, you have more options. If you do not want users to view and/or access an item immediately, then choose to Publish the item in the Future. You can also elect to send out the welcome notification email to end users or not.

Items this may be useful for:

1. When building an Act 48 item in advance of an event.

2. When building items over the summer for the upcoming school year.

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How to Publish an Item in the Future (Preview Mode) 

Step 1 - When editing a compliance item click the blue "Publish" button and the pop up box will appear.

Step 2 - For "When do you wish to publish this item?" click Future.

Step 3 -  Next, the Publish Date will appear.  Click the calendar icon to select the desired date you want this item to be released.  Note - Assigned users will not be able to access this item until the selected date.

Step 4 - For "Do you want to send a notification email to users about this item?" This will automatically default to Yes.

Important Notes:

  • Notification emails inform users the item has been assigned to them. Notification emails include start and end dates, instructions, person of contact, and a link to the item within Comply.
  • Notification emails are sent on the day the item is published.

Step 5 - When finished, click the green Publish button.

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Important Notes about Publishing Items in the Future:

  • Once an item has been Published in Preview Mode (see attachment below), it will appear in the "All Items" section and is visible to supervisors and will be published and accessible to all assigned users on the selected date.
  • When an item is in Preview Mode, it can be edited as many times as needed prior to the date the item was selected to be Published. 
  • Once the Preview Mode item is released on the date selected, it will change from Preview Mode to Published.
  • Notification emails are sent to users on the day the item is published.
  • When users are added to a Preview Item (item to be published in the future), the system will render the current status (status as the time they are assigned to the item), but no further action will take place until the item goes live (Published).  That is the processing engine will ignore Preview items and therefore not send out reminder emails or update statuses.  Once the item goes live (Published), embedded email reminders will go out and color statues will be updated accordingly.