How to Add New Hires to Clearance Items

Once the initial upload of users has been completed, you will need to add new users (New Hires) to clearances in the future. There are two options for adding new users.  

1. Add new users via a new CSV file

2. Add users manually

3. Add new users - Quick/Bulk Assign to Multiple Items 

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How to Approve Users on Clearance Items

Before you Approve users, review the uploaded evidence and/or review the new hard copy of the clearance. Assuming there are no issues with the renewal, it is now time to Approve the user and establish the next five year cycle.

Step 1 - From the Roster section of the item, select Approve

Step 2 - From the Approval pop-up screen, select the calendar icon to edit the Completed Date. (Note - This date should be the date that the user officially completed their clearance as indicated on their official clearance record).

Step 3 - Select the check box next to “Use the above completed date as the start date for the next cycle.”

Step 4 - Select OK.

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How to Reopen an Item

When a user submits something incorrectly or to early (well before their due date), they will need to have this item reopened to them so that it can be submitted again.

Step 1 - From the Roster section of the item, search for user by Name...

Step 2 - Check the box by the user you are trying to reopen, then click the "Reopen" button.

Step 3 -  From the Reopen pop-up screen, select the stage for which this item should be reopened for user: Reopen to User  

Step 4 - Click OK.

Step 5 - The user will now receive an email that this item has been reopened. The user can now make corrections to this item and resubmit for approval or wait to complete this clearance when the actual due date is near.

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How to View New Cycles and Cycle History

Once a clearance is reviewed and approved, the user will receive an email that the current five year cycle is completed. The next day, the system will automatically generate a new five year cycle and send the user an email with the new due date, indicating when this item will need to be completed again in the future. 

For example, Rob Crane completed his clearance on 07/10/2019 and was approved using this date as the start date for the next cycle.  The next day Rob Crane appeared within this item with his new five year cycle and due date of 07/10/2024 (see image below).  

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To view a user's cycle history...

Step 1From the Roster section of the item, search for user by Name

Step 2 - Next, click the "View History" icon

Step 3 - Completed cycles will appear with a green check mark icon and future cycles will be indicated with a grey icon (see image below).

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