Submitting Act 45 hours to PERMS will be the same process as submitting Act 48 hours. When submitting Act 45 hours, a (PIL) Course Type and Sub Type will need to be selected.

How to build an Act 48 item to submit (PIL) hours to PERMS

Approved courses or programs must be built within the Act 48 component of Comply. This item must be filed under the Course Type of PIL or PIL Induction to ensure that they are properly credited to an individual's account in PERMS. In addition to the Course Type, a Sub Type must also be selected within the Act 48 section.

How to Approve Users with (PIL) hours

Important Note - When Approving users for (PIL) hours, you must select the Completed Date. This date should be the actual date that the user officially completed their course or program. This will be the date that is recorded at PERMS. 

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