This request item can be utilized by certified educators to request the submission of Act 48 hours to PERMS for attendance at a non-district sponsored event where the provider of the event is not an approved Act 48 provider. The request includes a questionnaire or form that the educator completes, indicating the event and Act 48 details. Once the request has been submitted and approved, Act 48 hours are submitted directly to PERMS. Throughout the process, the employee receives email updates. At any time, the employee can log into Comply, access his or her My Request page, and see the current status of their request. All completed questionnaires/forms and uploaded evidence are documented within the system and, if desired, can be printed by the employee and/or administrators.

Request for Act 48 Hours (Click to enlarge)

For directions on how to create this item on your portal, review and/or print the attached document.