We are constantly listening to our clients and gathering feedback so that we can improve Comply.  Below is a list of the most recent enhancements.

Bypass Approval Stages

For request items only, Comply now allows you to skip or bypass approval stages. For many organizations, this new feature will be applicable when building a Conference Request item where in some cases the approval chain requires board approval and in other cases it does not.



Calculate Total Scores

Comply now allows you to calculate total scores within questionnaires.  For example, when a questionnaire is built to gather conference request information, the form can total various fees (registration, travel, meal, accommodations, substitute, etc.).  




Edit Questionnaires and Upload Evidence for End Users

For both compliance items and request items, Comply now allows administrators/approvers to edit questionnaires and upload additional evidence on end user items. All edits and uploads are documented and time stamped. 

Note - Although an administrator can upload a document to an end user's item, at this time they are not able to submit an item for approval on behalf of an end user.  The end user is still responsible for submitting the item for approval.

Note - Once an item is completed, additional uploads and edits to questionnaires is not permitted.

Editing Questionnaires and Evidence in Compliance items:

Editing Questionnaires and Evidence in Request items: