We have been working diligently this summer to improve Comply, making it more robust, user friendly, and intuitive. Below is a list of the most recent enhancements.


For both compliance items and request items, you can now add Watchers. A Watcher is a supervisor or administrative user that wants to watch or monitor an item.  When added as a Watcher, the item will be listed on the supervisors' or administrative users' My Supervision Items or Request Management page.  

If needed, Watchers can receive email reminders which would notify them when an item is expiring or expired. 

Note - Because Watchers can now receive email reminders and be notified if something is expiring or expired, Persons of Contact will no longer receive reminder emails. The purpose of a Person of Contact is to identify someone within the organization who can answer questions about the compliance item or request item.

Note - Reminder emails are now more flexible. Reminder emails can be sent to the User, Approver, and/or Watcher. See image below.

Limited Supervisor Role

Comply now has a new user role or access level called a Limited Supervisor. A Limited Supervisor is a supervisory user that can only view items for which they are connected as a Person of Contact, Watcher, and/or Approver.  Organizations may assign the Limited Supervisor access level to a user that needs access to specific items, but not access to all items.  For example, a school district may add their maintenance supervisor as a Limited Supervisor.  This would allow the maintenance supervisor to manage and track work orders that are facilitated through request items, but would not allow the maintenance supervisor to view other items which may include confidential information such as background checks or clearance items.

Request Item Progress Bar

Request items now include a progress bar with detailed information.  Supervisors and administrative users can now easily see how many users have completed a request item, how many user requests are pending approval, how many user requests are pending approval of submitted follow-up, and how many user requests have been forgiven or disapproved.  The progress bar also includes the total number of users that have submitted the request over time.

Request Items with Follow-Up (Due Dates)

Request items can be created with or without required follow-up.  When follow-up is required of the end user, the due date for the follow-up is presented on the end users My Request page.


Follow-up due dates are also visible to supervisors and administrative users within the roster section of a specific request item via a rollover pop-up and within the user request Details section.

If needed, supervisors and administrative users can modify follow-up due dates by clicking on the Actions button and selecting Modify Due Date.  

Note - If a user's follow-up due date has expired, the end user can still complete the follow-up requirements.  In other words, a supervisor or administrative user does not need to extend/modify the due date for the user to complete the required follow-up.