Rather than going to each compliance item one at a time and assigning the same user, this feature allows you to assign one user to multiple compliance items at one time. This feature is most often needed when a new user is added to Comply.

Directions - Quick/Bulk Assign One User to Multiple Items

Step 1 - Locate the user in question via the All User Progress tab under Supervision Management.  Use the search tool to find the user quickly.

Step 2 - First, click the Assign button and select the desired compliance items for which you want to assign the user. Then click the green Add button to add the user to the desired item(s).  Use the Tags and keyword search to quickly find the compliance items that you are looking for. 

Step 3 - Move to the Modify Dates tab and adjust the start and end dates of each compliance item as needed, then click Submit. Important Note - for Clearance items, be sure to enter the correct Start Date (date the individual last completed the clearance) and a due date that is five years ahead.

Step 4 - Review the results, then close the page and repeat the process for another user if desired.