Glendale School District is using Requests in Comply to track and award certified educators Act 48 hours when the provider of the event is not an approved Act 48 provider. For example, when a certified educator completes a Google Teacher Certification Training, the provider of the professional development is not an approved provider, therefore, the teacher must ask their school district to submit the Act 48 hours to PERMS.  

Example Workflow - The certified educator initiates the request within Comply, indicating the details of the event and the Act 48 hours being requested. The educator must also submit evidence by uploading a certificate of completion and/or proof of attendance.  Once the request has been submitted and approved, Act 48 hours are submitted directly to PERMS.  

For directions on how to create this item on your portal, review and/or print the attached document.

Requests Best Practice Example (click to enlarge)