We continue to add new features and enhancements to Comply based upon the feedback and needs of our customers. Below is a list of the most recent enhancements.  

If you have a suggestion on how Comply could be better, please let us know by visiting our Help Desk and submitting a Support Ticket.

Advanced Search Option

Administrators and supervisors now have more options to filter rosters.  By using the Advanced Search option, rosters can now be filtered by group or specific approver.  This new feature will be especially helpful on Request items where multiple approvers are involved.  For example, a middle school principal could use the Advanced Search option on a Conference Request Item to filter out the users from their building and/or users that they approved.

Bulk Update Users

The Bulk Update Users feature under User Management has been enhanced.  This feature can now be used to bulk update user accounts, including email, first name, last name, display name, PPID, and paraeducator status.  This feature is especially helpful when bulk uploading PPID numbers and identifying paraeducators in mass.  

Duplicate Roster

When duplicating a compliance item, administrators can also duplicate the roster of users on the item.  This is particularly helpful when duplicating an Act 48 professional development item where the roster of users remains the same.

Set Follow-Up Due Date in Advance

Administrators can now set the follow-up due date in advance on specific Request items.  For example, let's say you are using a Request item to allow users to register in advance for an upcoming inservice event.  That is, the district is offering multiple inservice sessions and allowing teachers to choose which to attend.  By using Requests, teachers can register in advance, then return to the item by a specific/default due date to provide feedback about the inservice and sign-off that they were in attendance.