Kutztown School District is using Comply to track FBI Security Awareness Training (Level I-4 Security). 

Example Workflow - Once the compliance item has been assigned to employees, clear and concise instructions guide employees to complete the FBI Security Awareness Training. Once completed, employees print, sign, and upload a document as evidence and proof of completion. When the compliance item is submitted by the employee, the district office facilitates a chain of approval and the item is complete. 

The Security Awareness Training can be created as one or individual compliance items for each level depending on the employee role and responsibilities.

Level 1 - Personnel with only Physical Access to Physically Secure Locations
Level 2 - Authorized Persons to CJI (Criminal Justice Information)
Level 3 - Personnel with physical and logical access to CJI
Level 4 - IT Personnel

Important Note - All completed questionnaires/forms and uploaded evidence are documented within the system and, if desired, can be printed by the employee and/or administrators. 

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Go to Supervision Management (Templates) to duplicate this item and begin to customize your own FBI Security Awareness Training (Level I-4 Security). 

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