Use Tags to label and quickly find the compliance or request items that you are looking for. For instance, one tag or several tags can be used when building an item that will help you quickly search for items such as 23-24 PD sessions, Act 48, Clearances, State Mandates, etc.

Create and add a Tag on compliance or request items

While on the "Edit Compliance Item" page, click on the green "Tags" drop-down and then click on "+ Add/Manage Tags."

In the pop-up, either 1. enter a new tag name and click "Add" or 2. check the box to select an existing tag to apply it to this compliance or request item. Be sure to click on "Ok" to save your selection.

Use a Tag to filter results

Once you have applied tags to compliance or request items, you can filter your dashboard with that tag. 

Click on the "Select Tag" drop-down to pick the tag you want to filter with, and then click on the magnifying glass to apply your filter.