Bulk Update Users

The Bulk Update Users feature under User Management has been enhanced.  This feature can now be used to bulk update user accounts, including email, first name, last name, display name, PPID, and paraeducator status.  This feature is especially helpful when bulk uploading PPID numbers and identifying paraeducators in mass.  

To begin, go to User Management --> Bulk Update Users and follow the onscreen instructions.

To update users, click the blue "Download All Users" button. Access the downloaded .csv file. Make any necessary changes, and upload the revised .csv file.

NOTE - when making changes, DO NOT remove or rearrange the columns or headers. Also, DO NOT remove or change the email address listed in the first column as this is the identifier used to locate and update the user within the portal.

When the update is complete, the user that completed the bulk update will receive a summary email.