We continue to add new features and enhancements to Comply based upon the feedback and needs of our customers. Below is a list of the most recent enhancements.  If you have a suggestion on how Comply could be better, please let us know by visiting our Help Desk and submitting a Support Ticket

User Management Updates

New User Role to Identify Emergency Certified Employees

We have added a new User Role to the Comply Settings tab called Emergency Cert. This role is designed to identify teachers who are on an Emergency Certification, and are therefore unable to earn Act 48 hours. 

This role will allow you to track their professional development hours within Comply, without submitting the hours to PERMS, eliminating the red clock PERMS submission error.  This role is selected on the Comply Settings tab, the same as the new location of the Paraeducator role selection.

Example of Emergency Cert user James Ford:

When a user who is marked with an Emergency Cert role is assigned to an item with Act 48 enabled (either a Compliance item or a Request item), the Act 48 clock icon will have an E in a circle next to it, similar to the P which indicates a Paraeducator.  Unlike the Paraeducator circle, the Emergency Cert circle will not turn green when the item is approved, it will remain gray.

When items are approved for users with Emergency Certs, the Act 48 hours will not be submitted to PERMS.  The PERMS submission response text will state, "User was excluded from submission to the state on this item.  Hours not submitted to state."

Identifying Paraeducator Role 

Due to the PAETEP User Roles (previously User Roles) tab becoming read-only, the Paraeducator role selection checkbox has been added to the "Comply Settings" tab within the User Profile.

Note - When adding new Paraeducators to Comply, the Paraeducator box must be selected in order to identify and track hours for this role.

Profile - PAETEP User Roles

The User Roles tab on the User Profile page has been renamed PAETEP User Roles.  The roles visible on this tab pertain to PAETEP clients.  The information is read-only.  Any required changes to PAETEP user roles must be made from within PAETEP.

Reassign items for Watcher

When a user who is a Watcher on a compliance or request item is archived, you are now provided the option to reassign these items just as you are for an Approver, Person of Contact, and an Owner.

Supervision Management and Compliance Item Updates

All Users Progress - Assigned items now provide link to take action

All Users Progress gives Administrative users the ability to view individual user profiles which show current items assigned, and the ability to assign new items in bulk. 

Administrative users can now click on a user's assigned compliance and automatically access that item. This updated feature allows you to take action faster. Simply click on the name of the compliance item and you will be taken to the item's view page, where you are able to send a message, nudge, approve, reopen, disapprove, and/or forgive.

Note to User and Note to Approvers included in Actions of Forgive, Disapprove, and Reopen for Compliance items

You are now able to add a note to the user and a note to approver(s) when you forgive, disapprove, or reopen a Compliance item. This eliminates the need to send a separate message when performing these actions.

Notes to Users are still recorded in the History for each individual user.

Changes to Clearances and State Mandated Trainings on a User Timeline Recurrence

We have made enhancements and updates to your Clearance and State Mandated Trainings that are on a 5 year User Timeline recurrence cycle (i.e., Act 114 Federal Criminal History Background Check, Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting, etc.).  

When approving these items, you no longer need to select a checkbox to use the completed date as the beginning date of the next cycle.  The only option that will be available when approving an item marked as a "Clearance" will be to enter the date the user completed the item, normally the date on the certificate provided in the evidence upload.

In addition, the action choices of Forgive and Disapprove have been removed for these items.  Both of these actions are inappropriate for this type of item.  To ensure they are not accidentally used, they have been removed.

The two action options available are:

Reopen - The item is missing information, has insufficient evidence, or it was completed too soon. This feature allows the user to make corrections and resubmit for approval once corrected. 

Approve - The item's requirements were met and was completed correctly. Great job, you're done!

New Item Sub Type Added to Identify Items That Provide Flex Hours

Some districts choose to award "Flex Hours" to specific training events.  We have now added a way to track Flex Hours within Comply!

In order for an item to be tracked as a "Flex" item, the Sub Type Flex will need to be selected during item creation AND the item must have Act 48 hours enabled.  This will apply to both Compliance items and Request items.

Once the item marked as Flex has been submitted and approved, the hours allocated to the Flex category can be viewed in the Reporting section of Comply, as detailed in the New Reporting Updates below.

Request Updates

Request Description Required

In order to differentiate a request from other similar requests, a brief description is now required. A brief description or summary can include the name of the event, trip, course, etc.

Request Descriptions included in Comply notifications

Request descriptions are now included in Comply email notifications sent to both the user and the approvers. This will help distinguish between various requests.

Request - Selecting an Approver Made Easier!

When Request items allow users to select an Approver such as their Building Principal or Supervisor, this process has been streamlined.

When the option to select an Approver is enabled, the screen now displays Select an Approver, prompting the user to only select one person. The option to select ALL has been removed. This update will eliminate instances where all approvers are notified to approve the item.  

Note - If a user does not select an Approver, they will not be able to complete their Request.

New Reporting Updates

We have made several updates to the Reporting section.  Two new Reports include:

  1. Act 48 Emergency Cert Report
  2. Flex Hours Report

Act 48 Emergency Cert Report

A new report has been added to the Reports menu to track Emergency Cert hours.  Administrators will have access to all reports - Teachers, Paraeducators, and Emergency Cert.  A user who is assigned the Emergency Cert role will also have access to their own individual report for tracking purposes.

Flex Hours Report

A new report has been added to track items that have been marked as FLEX.  This includes both Compliance and Request items. The Flex Hours Report for Administrative users will include all users and items tagged as Flex. 

Additionally, a My Flex Hours Report is also available to users on their individual portal so they can track their individual progress. If a particular user does not have any items which have been marked as Flex, then the My Flex Hours report will be blank.

Example of a user's view of the My Flex Hours Report:

Reporting - PERMS/No PERMS Filtering Option

A filter has been added to all reports to show if items have been submitted to PERMS or not.  This filter defaults to showing both items that have been submitted to PERMS and items that have not been submitted to PERMS, indicated by the ALL option.

The clock icon listed next to an item indicates that it was submitted to PERMS.  If the clock icon is not present, this indicates that item was not submitted to PERMS.