Comply can be used to submit Act 48 hours directly to PERMS.  However, in order for hours to be successfully submitted to PERMS, end users must have a valid PPID number saved on their profile.  There are several ways that PPID numbers can be uploaded/entered into end user profiles.

1) Bulk Upload PPIDs (Recommended) - Administrative users can bulk upload PPID numbers by going to User Management --> Bulk Update Users, then follow the directions for uploading a csv file.  Please note that the csv file should be two columns with no headers.  The first column is the email address of the end user and the second column is their PPID number.  Note - PPID numbers are typically added as part of the district's initial onboarding of users process.  See the Onboarding Users support article for more information.

2) Manually Add PPID - Administrative users can manually enter PPID numbers into end user profiles by going to User Management --> All Users --> locate the end user in question --> Actions --> Edit.  On the user profile page, simply enter the PPID number in the corresponding field and click the green Save button.

3) PPID Added via Registration - When you invite new users to register accounts on Comply, they have an opportunity to enter their own PPID number within the registration process.

4) PPID Added by End User - End users can edit their own profile by clicking on their name (upper right hand corner) and selecting Update Profile.  Once on the user profile page, end users can enter their PPID number in the corresponding field and click Save.