Step 1 - Onboard Users

One of the the most important parts of setting up your Comply portal is creating accounts and setting permission levels for all your employees.  In Comply this process is called, Onboarding.  The easiest way to onboard your users is to follow the three steps in the Onboarding process.  To view the Onboarding process, log into Comply and from the main menu select User Management --> Onboard Users.  

Onboarding Directions:

  1. Log into Comply --> User Management --> select Onboard Users.
  2. Step 1 - Create a User List
    1. Choose Option 1 or Option 2 and download blank template or download users 
    2. Add/Remove users as needed
    3. Save as CSV file
  3. Step 2 - Upload User List
    1. Choose file from your computer
    2. Click blue Upload User List button
  4. Step 3 - Review User Onboarding
    1. Review Actions and Role columns and adjust as needed.  For more information regarding Roles, see article called What are the different roles or access levels?
    2. Save session and/or click the green Process Session button
    3. Select date to send end users an email about their account details  
    4. Click the green Confirm Process Session button
    5. Once the CSV file is processed you will receive an email regarding the results of your session.  
  5. Repeat the onboarding process as needed to add additional users to Comply.

Important Notes:

  • Prior to onboarding users, it is important to notify your staff about your district's use of Comply.  For suggestions on how to introduce Comply to your staff, see the support article called Introducing Comply to Your Staff.
  • When new accounts are created through the onboarding process, end users will receive an email from Comply with their login details.   To view examples of the emails that are sent to your staff when accounts are created, see the attached screen grabs.  There are two different emails depending upon whether an individual is a PA-ETEP user or not.  PA-ETEP and Comply share the same database, but the software applications are different.  If an individual uses both PA-ETEP and Comply, their username and password are the same.
  • The onboarding process may be repeated as needed.  That is, some districts choose to start using Comply with their teachers first and then at a later date add their support staff.

Step 2 - Upload PPID Numbers and Identify Paraeducators (Optional) in Bulk

With Comply your district can submit all Act 48 hours directly to PERMS.  In order for Comply to successfully submit Act 48 hours to PERMS, valid PPID numbers need to be uploaded into the system. Comply can also be used to track the professional development hours of paraeducators.  In order for these hours to be tracked, users need to be identified as a paraeducator within the software. The total number of hours that a paraeducator has accumulated in a given school year can be viewed via the Paraeducator Report.  To access this report, go to Reporting --> Act 48 Paraeducator Report --> View.  Please note that only the hours that have been approved inside the Comply software will be reported.

To upload PPID numbers and identify users as paraeducators (optional), log into Comply and from the main menu select User Management --> Bulk Update Users and follow the onscreen directions.

Step 3 - Exclude Users from Act 48 Submissions (Optional)

If you have users that are not certified educators (have a PPID number) and they are not Paraeducators, you will want to exclude them from Act 48 submissions to PERMS to avoid errors.  To mark a user as Excluded from Act 48 Submissions, go to User Management --> locate the user --> Actions --> Edit.  On the user's profile page, mark 'Yes' for Exclude User from Act 48 Submissions, then click the green Update User button. 

Step 4 - Build Groups (Optional)

Comply allows you to build groups or categories of users.  For example, you can build a group for All Employees, All Teachers, Secondary Teachers, Custodians, Paraeducators, etc.  The benefit of building groups is to make the assignment of items easier.  To learn more, click How to create and manage groups?  Please note that groups can be added at any time.  Some districts like to use Comply for a while and then build groups as they realize the benefits.

Adding New Users in the Future

Once the initial onboarding of all your users is complete, you will need to decide how new users are added in the future.  If you have a large number of users to add in the future, you can always use the Onboarding process again as described in Step 1.  If you are just adding a few users at a time (i.e., new hires), then it is recommend that you add them manually.  Click here to view the article called Adding New Users Manually.