If you are adding a large group of users to Comply, it is recommended that you go through the onboarding process as outlined in the Onboarding Users article.  

If you are just adding a few users at a time (i.e., new hires), then it is recommend that you add them manually. 

To manually add a user to Comply, click on the User Management tab in the main menu.  From the All Users page, locate and click on the blue Add User icon (see screen grab).  When adding a new user, you will be required to enter an email address, first name, last name, display name, password, and role. For Application Role, select either Basic User, Supervisor User, or Administrative User.  For a detailed description of these roles, see the article called What are the different user roles or access levels. If the new user is a teacher, it is important that you enter their PPID number.  

Important Note for PA-ETEP Clients

If your district is a PA-ETEP Client, then it is highly recommended that new teachers and NTPEs be asked to self-register on PA-ETEP before creating their account in Comply.  Once a teacher or NTPE self-registers on PA-ETEP, their account will appear in Comply on the All Users list with a non-defined Access Level or Role.  To change this, edit the user's Comply profile and change their Application Role to Basic User and enter their PPID number.

How should new users be added to PA-ETEP and Comply if your district uses both products?

Once a new user has been added to Comply and given the appropriate access level or role, the next step is to assign that user to active compliance items.  For example and depending upon your district's use of Comply, a new user may need to be assigned to items such as... clearance items, mandatory trainings, policy items, emergency contact information item, tutorial for new users item, etc.  To quickly assign a new user to multiple items at one time, please see the article entitled How do I assign one user to multiple items at one time (quick/bulk assign)?