PA-ETEP & Comply (New Hires)

How should new users be added to PA-ETEP and Comply if your district uses both products?


If your district uses both PA-ETEP and Comply, we highly recommend that new hires “self-register” through their district’s PA-ETEP portal first. This applies to any new user that is a Teacher or NTPE and will be evaluated within PA-ETEP by a Principal or Supervisor. Once a new hire self-registers with PA-ETEP, it will then automatically create an account in Comply. However, an Administrative User of Comply will need to locate this user within Comply and assign an access level (Basic User) so that they can login and complete assigned items. 


PA-ETEP - Registration 


When a user self-registers in PA-ETEP, they choose their own role, building, and create a secure password.  Having a user self-register also sets up PA-ETEP with the correct rubric and 82 form.  New hires must use their active district email to self-register.  Once a user self-registers they are required to check their email and verify account within 24 hours of setup. (If a user fails to verify their account with the 24-hour time period, they will not have access and must submit a Support ticket so it can be manually verified).

Important Note: PA-ETEP and Comply users will access both pieces of software with the same username and password.


New hires that do not need access to PA-ETEP (i.e., food service, custodians, administrative assistants, etc.) should only be added into Comply.  There are two ways to add new users to Comply. New users can be added manually or as a group through the Onboarding process. To learn more, review the support article below.

Adding New Users in Comply


When the district creates a Comply account for new users, they will receive an email notification titled, "Comply Notification- Account Details." In this email will include Comply account details such as the Comply URL, Username, and a link create your own secure password.





1. How does Comply connect with PA-ETEP? 

Comply and PA-ETEP utilize the same database of information, but the actual websites have different URLs.  The good news is that your username and password are the same for both PA-ETEP and Comply.  Keep in mind that if you change your password in Comply, it will also change in PA-ETEP.

2.  How do I address Employee Name changes? 

If an individual's name changes (i.e., maiden name to married name), Administrative Users can edit a user’s profile in Comply and update last name, display name, and email address. 

Note - if this user also has a PA-ETEP account, their information will be updated automatically within PA-ETEP.  

Within Comply, go to User Management --> locate user --> Actions --> Edit.

Next, make necessary edits and then click the green “Update User” button. If the district email account has changed, be sure to click the “Send User Account Details” button to notify user of this update and their new username (email) to access both pieces of software.

Important Note: Users should NOT create new accounts when a name change occurs. If a user creates a new account (with new name/email), it can become problematic as it will place data in both accounts. Name changes must be made by the Administrative User within Comply on the existing account.

3. How do I archive a user?

Archiving a user typically happens when a user retires or leaves the school district.  


When you archive a user in Comply, the user is not automatically archived in PA-ETEP.  You must archive a user in both Comply and PA-ETEP


To archive a user in PA-ETEP, your PA-ETEP portal manager will need to log into PA-ETEP and change the person's building assignment to Archived Building.   (For more detailed instructions see the support article called Assigning a Teacher or Principal to a Building)


To archive a user in Comply, an Administrative User will need to log into Comply and go to User Management à search for and locate the user à from the Actions button select Archive.  (For more detailed instructions see the article called information see How do I Archive a User in Comply)

4.   How do I change a user’s role in PA-ETEP?


For detailed instructions on how to change a user’s role within PA-ETEP, see the article called 

PA-ETEP Roles Changes.