When compliance items are complete and no longer need to be viewed on the All Items page, they can be Archived. 

If you have items that are completed, then we recommend that you Archive them. Don’t worry, you won’t lose them. Archive items are just listed elsewhere to make navigating your All Items or My Supervision Items list easier.  Please note that Archived items can still be accessed by the filters at the top of the All Items page.

Things to Consider Before Archiving an Item

  • Do you have users in blue "Pending" that still need to be approved?  If so, review and take action to approve them.
  • Do you have users who did not complete an item that is now expired?  If so, take action by using the "Nudge", "Message", "Disapprove", or "Forgive" feature.  Note - If you Disapprove or Forgive a user, they can no longer complete the item. However, if the item is set-up with recurrence, the user will be responsible for future cycles. 
  • Do you have any users with a "red clock" for Act 48 items?  If so, please refer to our troubleshooting for Act 48 PERMS errors. Click here to learn more about troubleshooting an Act 48 PERMS error "red clocks".

To Archive a Compliance Item - From the All Items or My Supervision Items page, locate the compliance item in question. Then from the Actions menu, select Archive.  


To View Archived Items - From the All Items or My Supervision Items page, select Archived from the Active filter. Then click the magnifying glass icon to view all items that have been Archived.