When you submit an Act 48 item to PERMS, you will want to verify that the users hours were submitted successfully which is indicated with a "green clock."

However, you may encounter a "red clock" which indicates there was an error during submission. There are several messages you could receive from PERMS that are easy to troubleshoot. Please review the error messages and how to resolve them below.


Error Messages from PERMS

1) PPID is invalid or empty. Please update and resubmit.

It appears that this user does not have a PPID number added in their User Profile. To correct this, you will need to add a valid PPID number for the user and click the green "Resubmit" button. However, if the user is not a certified teacher they will need to be marked as a Paraeducator or Excluded from Act 48 Submissions.  Click here to learn how to identify a user as a Paraeducator or Exclude them from Act 48 Submissions.

2) Attendee's details does not match in Teacher Certification System. 

The PPID number for this user may be incorrect or they are a newly certified teacher and have not been updated in PERMS yet. To correct this, please verify PPID number is correct and click the green "Resubmit" button. Or once you have verified that the user has an active account in PERMS, please click the green "Resubmit" button.

3) Attendance record for the educator corresponding to this course/activity already exists in the database. 

Hours for this Act 48 item have already been submitted and recorded in PERMS. Verify this response by visiting the PERMS website and confirming that this activity does exist and has been recorded properly. If you find an error that needs corrected, please contact the Comply Support desk by submitting a Support ticket.

4) Start Date of an attendance records cannot be less than Start Date of first CPE Period of Educator. 

The user was not a certified teacher at the time they took this course and Act 48 hours cannot be applied. For this reason, the clock will remain "red" on this item.

5) Start Date of attendance record cannot be greater than End Date. 

The Completed Date (date selected when approving a user) must be on or after the individual user's start date (see calendar icon next to the user's name in the Roster section). To correct this, either modify the Completed Date or Start Date, then click the green "Resubmit" button.

Note: If you are still experiencing issues with Act 48 error messages from PERMS and need additional support, please submit a Support ticket.