We continue to add new features and enhancements to Comply based upon the feedback and needs of our customers. Below is a list of the most recent enhancements.

Submit on Behalf of Another User

For both compliance items and request items, supervisors and administrative users can now submit an item on behalf of an end user.  To learn more about this new feature, please visit our support article called How do I submit an item on behalf of another user.

New User Quick/Bulk Assign

You now have the ability to quickly assign a user to several compliance items at one time.  That is, rather than going to each compliance item and adding the user individually, you can now locate a user via the All User Progress page and then click quick/bulk assign. This feature will be most helpful when considering new users and the need to assign them to multiple items (e.g., clearance items, policy items, mandatory trainings, etc.). To learn more about this new feature, please visit our support article called How do I assign a user to multiple items at one time.

Compliance Item Report

On compliance items you can now print a transcript or report that includes the item's details (i.e., list of assigned users and their end dates/status).  Note - By changing the Roster filter (e.g., Priority, Completed, Archived, Pending, Due Date, etc.) you can adjust the users that are included on the report.  For example, if you wanted to print a transcript of a clearance/background check compliance item because you need a list of users by their due dates, from the roster filter first select Due Date, then click the Print Item Report button.  Please note that only the current cycle will render on the report.  

Paraeducator Itemized Hours Report

The Paraeducator Report now includes a list of itemized hours for each paraeducator.  This report can be filtered by date and individual users.  The report can also be printed if desired.  

Paraeducators can also log into Comply and view the report via their Reports menu tab.

Bulk Forgive and Disapprove

On compliance items, supervisors and administrators can now bulk forgive and bulk disapprove.  Previously, users had to be forgiven or disapproved individually.  This feature was added to save administrators time.  For example, if you had an item where several users were not able to complete the item and district has decided not to grant the users more time, you could either bulk forgive or bulk disapprove the users, depending upon your desired outcome. 

Compliance Item Details

To provide supervisors and administrators more information about a user's specific compliance item, we have added the Details modal to compliance items.  When clicking on the Details icon and opening up the Details modal, supervisors and administrators can view more information including details about the item and a history of events.  In addition, via the Details modal supervisors and administrators can access and upload evidence, access and complete/override questionnaires, and access and add notes.