Owen J. Roberts School District is using Requests in Comply to track and manage FLEX Hours.  The process includes pre-approval, follow-up and submission of Act 48 hours to PERMS.  

Example Workflow - The certified educator initiates the request within Comply, indicating the specifics of the FLEX hours and applicable Act 48 details.  The request item is then submitted for pre-approval. Once approved, the educator is notified. The educator then completes the Flex hours and returns to the request item to submit follow-up and proof of completion.  Once follow-up is approved, Act 48 hours are automatically submitted to PERMS. 

Note - Administrators can download a report to view all submitted requests, including the details of each educator's FLEX hours and accumulated Act 48 hours.  

What is a Questionnaire Usage Report and an Act 48 Hours Details Report?

For directions on how to create this item on your portal, review and/or print the attached document.

Requests Best Practice Example (click to enlarge)