Throughout the school year your district may hire new employees, including Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Administrative Assistants, and other Support Staff.

Use our New Employee Checklist below to add those users to Comply and quickly assign them to items.  

User Management

1. Add New Users - There are several ways to add New Users... whether it's just a few users at a time or a large group. 

Click here to learn how to add New Hires to Comply

Important Note for PA-ETEP Clients

If your district is a PA-ETEP Client, then it is highly recommended that new teachers and NTPEs be asked to self-register on PA-ETEP before creating their account in Comply.  Once a teacher or NTPE self-registers on PA-ETEP, their account will appear in Comply on the All Users list with a non-defined Access Level or Role.  To change this, edit the user's Comply profile and change their Application Role to Basic User and enter their PPID number.

2. PPID Numbers - In order to use Comply to submit Act 48 hours to PERMS, users will need to have their PPID numbers entered into their profile.  PPID numbers can be manually entered into a user's profile or PPID numbers can be uploaded in bulk.  

Click here to learn how to add PPID numbers to Comply 

3. Identify Paraeducators - In order to use Comply to track Paraeducator hours, users will need to be identified with this role.

Click here to learn how to identify Paraeducators and track hours

Group Management

4.  Manage and Update Groups -  When a new employee is hired, or building assignments change, changes in Groups will need to occur. Taking time to organize all your users in groups, makes the assignment of compliance items and/or availability of request items much easier and more efficient.  

Click here to learn how to create and update groups

Supervision Management

5. New User Quick/Bulk Assign

You now have the ability to quickly assign a user to several compliance items at one time.  That is, rather than going to each compliance item and adding the user individually, you can now assign all items at once.

Go to Supervision Management --> All Users Progress  --> search for end user by name --> Assign.

This feature will be most helpful when considering new users and the need to assign them to multiple items (e.g., clearance items, policy items, mandatory trainings, etc.). 

Click here to learn how to assign a user to multiple items at one time.